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Arterial Remodeling Technologies

Arterial Remodeling Technologies (“ART”) is developing bioresorbable peripheral and coronary polymer stents that promote the natural remodeling of an injured artery after angioplasty. The Company’s technology is based on intellectual property originating from three esteemed institutions: the Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio); the French national research institute, C.N.R.S. (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique), Montpellier, France; and, Necker University, Paris.

Proprietary Technology Platform

ART’s bioresorbable stents are designed to dismantle in vivo over an optimized time horizon, thus allowing the body’s own natural arterial remodeling process to occur, unrestricted by the presence of a permanent metallic stent.

Outstanding Scientific Advisors

ART’s platform benefits from Pr. Michel Vert’s 30 years of trade secret savoir-faire in biodegradable polymers.

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art’s bioresorbable stent vs. DES

Application of ART’s novel polymer technology to the development of its bioresorbable stents gives them several distinct advantages over drug-eluting stents (DES). The next-generation-approach being pursued by ART is to achieve temporary stenting of a traumatized angioplasty site, for example, to

Prevent acute and chronic recoil;
Allow the arterial wall to remodel through the use of a stent that dismantles; and
Allow natural physiological healing and remodeling processes to proceed.